Savannah, have you met…

Where did you receive your training?
Florence, Italy at Cordon Blue and at Beccofino Restaurant under Chef Francesco Berardinelli.

What made you pick Savannah for the location of your restaurant? 
Its historic charm and having that European feel to eat al fresco all year round.

What’s the hardest thing about owning a restaurant?
Trying not to eat all day long.

If you could share a kitchen for a day with any celebrity chef whom would it be?
Anthony Bourdaine

When you’re home what’s your favorite dish you cook for yourself?
Fresh whole artichokes with a lemon butter sauce.

On a woman which do you prefer, jeans or a dress?

What’s the last thing that made you laugh out loud?
Hard to say, cause I’m always laughing.

What song gets you hyped when you hear it?
Beautiful People by Chris Brown.

What’s something people wouldn’t know about you?
I love comic book heroes.

What do you like and dislike about Savannah?
Like~Beautiful squares, weather, and friendly people.
Dislike~No direct flights.

Be sure to stumble on over to Leoci’s website to view his menu, and you can find him here on Facebook. His New Year’s Eve menu looks magnificent. Book a reservation!

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