Savannah, have you met…

You are multitalented when it comes to music. You not only play instruments but you also sing. Which one do you prefer?
The piano is my soul mate. This is the instrument that reminds me who I am, and connects me to different dimensions of being. Each note my fingers strike vibrates through me, awakening my true destiny. I am a healer, first and foremost, and the piano allows me to work with its vibrations and heal energies on a more subtle level. 

Who is your favorite singer?
Robert Plant in his Zeppelin days. So much soul! His vocal range and control is extraordinary and his passion is greatly inspiring to me. I hope to one day be viewed as as the female version of him, haha.

As a child what did you dream of becoming as an adult?
I remember being five years old and telling my parents that I was going to be a famous musician, and that I wanted them to travel the world with me. At the time I envisioned them driving my limo (as a five year old, they were always driving me around, so I thought it would be that way forever), but now I wish for us to travel the world together playing music. They sing together as a Mariachi duet and have voices of angels. I am forever grateful to my parents for exposing me to music as a young age, and for supporting me every step of the way.

Do you get butterflies before every performance? If so, how do you deal with it?
I hardly get nervous before performing. I feel right at home up there on stage, and I always have. I was a Ballet Folklorico dancer for fifteen years, so performing comes natural to me. When I am playing a show with Word of Mouth it’s wonderful having seven other band mates to share the stage with; it makes me so much more comfortable. When I perform my side project act, which is only two members (my fiancee and me) I do sometimes get butterflies, but as soon as I get on stage that feeling dissolves completely.

What is one thing in the music industry that you wish you didn’t have to deal with?
This is a hard question for me to answer, because I am so new to the industry. One thing I am enjoying about the way the industry is changing is the fact that it is relatively easy now for independent artists such as myself to create quality music and art with home software and distribute a quality product to potentially millions of people via the internet. 

What is your favorite restaurant in Savannah?
It’s a tie between Green Truck Pub and Zunzi’s. I love Green Truck’s in house recipes and cheesecake, and I love Zunzi’s unique food choices, and the helping are very generous!

If you could change the world, what is the first thing that you would do?
I would have the entire population join in a massive hugging session. The embrace of another human being truly is magic. I believe that the power of love, true and unconditional, will change the world. This is why I have chosen to incarnate here, to emanate love and light to whomever I come in contract with and wherever I go.

What is a guilty pleasure of yours?
Video games! Right now I am playing Legend of Zelda OCarina of Time for 3DS, and also Link’s Awakening for Gameboy, which is actually emulated by the 3DS.

Do you have any favorite local hangouts?
I love long lazy days in Forsyth park, and it’s wonderful because I know I’ll always run into at least one person I know.

What do you like and dislike about Savannah?
I love the history, the BEAUTY, the people, the food, the scene. Savannah has changed my life forever. The only think I dislike? That I’ll miss it when I’m gone. 

To see more on Lucia (Electric Grandma) visit her website! She’ll will be performing at the Wormhole April, 26 at 10PM. Stop by and support local music!

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