Savannah, have you met…

You are definitely one of the cool kids of Savannah, with an equal amount of admiration from both the students and adults in the downtown district. Does that make you strive to be a positive influence for the younger kids of Savannah?
The respect and admiration that I receive is definitely a blessing. And I recognize my duty to realistically live up to the image, and to also not pretend I’m perfect.

On stage you exude confidence. Internally are you just as confident, or do you become anxious ever?
The confidence that I have is internal. And it comes from a higher source. It’s a peaceful, calm confidence when I’m not on stage. On stage is where I can play it up and exude it rather than just possess it. It’s like when the crowd is cheering and clapping towards you, you have to get rid of the extra ego on stage.

How old were you when you knew that music was a part of you?
I was probably eight or nine when music struck a chord with me (pun intended). We would listen to a lot of Michael Jackson and when his Dangerous tour came on Pay Per View, my mom got cable for that week, then cancelled it. We taped it of course. I would watch that VHS at least once a month and just was in awe when people were passing out from seeing him. I also always had a little Casio keyboard I would play with. I played violin a couple years as well.

You have a fun and youthful style. Any favorite designers or labels?
I’m not a big label fan. I like Creative Recreation sneakers. Other wise I feel like a cool pair of sneakers/shoes is the foundation and I just kinda create a cool looking combo after selecting them. Sometimes it’s just whatever I haven’t worn a lot.

What is your biggest challenge being a musician in Savannah?
My biggest challenge as a Savannah musician is getting the Savannah Music Festival to give Hip Hop a chance. I love that festival they are just playing it too safe in a town that is begging to be shaken up.

If you could collaborate with any musician, who would it be?
I will work with Stevie Wonder before I’m dead.

Our little city has so many spectacular places to be seen. Name a few of your favorite hangout spots and restaurants. 
Favorite hangout: Liberty Street parking garage at the top.
Restaurant: Right now it’s The Distillery, I’m a Gemini so it may change by the time you get this…

Where do you see rap in ten years?
In ten years “rap” music will be less popular, something similar to it will exist. I think popular music will be all genre-blended by then. 

Something interesting about me that most people don’t know is…
Something interesting about me is…I pull a Pokemon card out everyday and relate it to that day. I love pulling psychic energy cards.

What do you like and dislike about living in Savannah?

I love Savannah. Likes and dislikes are fickle. 

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