Savannah, have you met…

You are in the process of launching J&P General Art Exchange. Share with us the details of what we can come to expect to J&P General.
J&P General is an Art Exchange. We support emerging artists, crafters, and vintage collectors. J&P offers a place to buy, sell, and show work but also a place, and this has been the thought from the beginning, a place to come and spend time. Talk about what you’re working on, how it’s going, why you may be stalled or what artist turns you on…just talk shop and process. The idea is to have the website serve as the “storefront” while offering a monthly showcase of artists at various venues both locally and regionally.

What do you believe will be your biggest challenge you will face being a small business owner?
Oh, most definitely time! I have two small children. Long nights for me. Also, socializing and networking, those are difficult having children. Friends tell me all the time, you need to get your face out there, go to events, talk to people. I agree. Recently I have started going to more openings and events with my daughters! My oldest loves it. She pretends our house is a gallery and she talks about the work for sale on the wall! But those things, those challenges will only get better and easier with time.

You graduated from SCAD. What did you study, and how does your degree pertain to your life today?
Yes, I did. I studies Historic Preservation and Photography. You know that’s a tough one. Both majors take wildly different paths but with Preservation, writing and documentation was very important. That ability to focus is still with me today. My passion was definitely Photography. The creation from camera to critique was like none other. I miss those days! I learned to talk about work, look at work, see things in different ways that I was incapable of before.

If you could visit a studio of any past or present artist, who would it be?
Probably Diane Arbus. Naturally I am drawn to women that produce and have produced work while raising children. It’s that fly on the wall thing for me with Diane. I would love to have listened to “dark room” conversations she had with herself!

Name the one person that has had the greatest influence on your current way of thinking.
My father. He is constantly clearing the path for me so to speak. There isn’t a thing I can not do. That is his motto. I put a tremendous amount of faith into that belief. It also means a lot of hard work! But, knowing your ideas are supported frees you up to move forward.

If you were to write a book about yourself what would it be about?
Having to relearn everything I thought I already knew. From having children, to now being a single mother. There is a definite learning curve.

What is one thing about you that most people would be surprised to know?
I am a fantastic, talented, proficient multi-tasker. I do believe that I was an octopus in some previous life. Can you image the possibilities?

If you had an afternoon to stroll Savannah, what boutique and restaurant would you be sure to stop by?
I would most definitely stop in and say hello at Moon River, not even a beer drinker, just have always felt at home and welcome there. Gene and John, whether they know it or not are like family. As far as boutique, Paris Market is a great place to gather ideas. It is hard to walk out without making a purchase.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Working at J&P General. Who knows, maybe I will have sold it and moved on to the next project! But more than likely I see myself in North Carolina, closer to my family. At the end of the day that is what is most important.

What do you like and dislike most about living in Savannah?
The city is a love/hate affair from day one. I have been here since 2001, moved away for two years and came back, go figure! But honestly, since starting this business I have been surprised at just how much Savannah has to offer and how much is going on. It is an incentive to stick around and really involve myself with the company. The ability to walk most anywhere is its best attraction. August heat is the downfall.

If you are interested in learning more visit the website at or find J&P General on Facebook. Join her for an EXCHANGE with J&P General on May 8th from 5-8 for music, food, drinks, and good conversation. This will be an opportunity to check out some of J&P’s artists as well as meet new people! The meet and greet will take place at 518 E. 41st Street. We hope to see everyone there!

One thought on “Savannah, have you met…”

  1. I have known Katie pretty much my entire life and know a few things about her. She is intelligent, funny, down to Earth , very easy to talk to and lets face it she is easy on the eyes as well. I have no doubt her shop is a fantastic place to discuss what's going on in your life as an artist or maybe just hang out and listen to an old record and relax for a bit. I'm proud of you Katie …you found a passion and went after it so you can count on me stopping in next time I'm in Savannah!

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