Cocktails and Crafting (DIY Flag Pallet)

Flag Pallet
old shipping pallet
paint in red, white and blue colors
yard stick
four paint brushes
paper or plastic plates for drip pans
Before you begin your reclaimed American art, be sure to cover your painting area with a drop cloth and set up your space in a well ventilated area for safety.

To start your flag, measure your pallet’s height and divide by 13 as this will determine the width of each stripe. As all pallets are different in size, your measurements may differ than ours, but we created our stripes at just over three inches in width. Once you get your stripe width, grab a yard stick or T-bar and begin marking the layout. The blue area of the flag takes just about the entire fourth of the top left of your pallet.

Once your lines have been drawn, the step is paint! For a more sophisticated and polished look, prime your pallet the day before you begin painting. We wanted a more rustic and weathered look, so we skipped this step!

The American flag has seven red stripes and six white, with the red being the first and the last stripe. We wanted to keep this project fun and casual so we painted with just our pencil markings as guides. For cleaner lines, add painters tape for optimal crispness of your stripes!

Go ahead and fill in the blue background and red stripes, then cool off inside while the paint dries. We decided to cool off with a little patriotic sipping!
The Red, White, and Blue Boozer
strawberry daiquiri mix
pina colada mix
blue curacao liqueur

Start your patriotic drink with pouring your strawberry daiquiri mix into your blender, measuring and pouring your rum, then filling the rest of the blender with ice. Once the drink is fully slushed, pour into your glasses filling only half the cup.
Follow the same steps when making the pina colada, then slowly scoop or pour the slush on top of the strawberry daiquiri filling the cup.

To top it off, pour a little blue curacao on top! 

To add patriotic sass to your drink, create a flag for your straw that you can even personalize! Simply unroll about five inches of colorful paper tape, wrap around the straw about an inch or so below the top, then cut the ends!

The final step is to sip and enjoy being an American!
After you have enjoyed your beverage and the blue and red paint is completely dry on your pallet, the white painting can begin! As before with the red stripes, you can go as sophisticated or casual as you want when painting. We chose to get a little crazy and let some of the white drip in the red stripes!  

We also took a fun approach to our stars and free-handed them in different sizes and with no rhyme or reason to the layout. If you’d like to go more realistic, paint eleven columns of stars, alternating between five and four in each column.
Once your American pallet is dry, you are ready to hang it in its new home! Since we wanted ours to be weathered and rustic looking, its new home is outside in the courtyard. However a barn, patio, or country kitchen would be the perfect nook for your new art. Or, get the kids involved with painting and picking its new location! This is the perfect summer project for kids to enjoy… however, we suggest a non-alcoholic beverage choice and always stay hydrated when creating projects outside!

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