How did Dollface by Jules come to be?
It all started with a makeup box and a dream! After being in love with all things beauty from an early age, I figured out how to combine my passion with a career. I took a chance on Savannah 5 years ago, after 11 years of makeup experience, and Savannah welcomed with open arms. I was determined to provide a quality service with a memorable experience, and Dollface was born! We are now adding talented team members, exciting new services including retailing Temptu airbrush makeup, and providing the ultimate glam experience with Beauté Socials. We are always working on adding bigger goals to our vision board.
What does beauty mean to you?
Beauty to me is having a happy heart and feeling comfortable in your skin. Physical beauty comes from that place. I’m a firm believer in enhancing inner and outer beauty. Sometimes it takes a makeup session to remind yourself of how beautiful you really are, which leads to confidence. That is true beauty.
What is the most satisfying part of what you do?
I get to make so many people feel beautiful! Plus, getting to do what I love for a living and have others enjoy it is more rewarding than I could explain. It’s a beautiful thing when passion and purpose are aligned with a career. My clients know how special they are to me and to Dollface from the first email to sitting in my chair. It is truly more than makeup to us, and our clients feel it! It makes me so proud of Dollface and what we do.
Any easy makeup tips that you would like to share with YWS?
Do your concealer last in your makeup process to avoid working against yourself. This way, you can easily clean up an eye shadow fall-out or mascara smudges from under your eyes before you apply concealer.
If you had only one makeup product to put on in the morning for a quick fix what would it be?
I love my complexion gel from my upcoming makeup line “Jules”, which is similar to a BB cream. It provides more coverage than a tinted moisturizer and is packed with vitamins. It makes my skin look fresh and even.

30 W. Broughton Street
Suite 204
Savannah, GA 31401

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