Dye Stationery with Blank Canvas Graphics

Dye Stationery
rit dye 
thick cardstock such as neenah’s paper classic linen cover
clean large bowl
hot water
stir stick
paper towels
tea towel for washing up

Start by tearing a piece of cardstock down to envelope size. If you aren’t interested in envelopes, make a flat notecard or gift tags! I decided I wanted a crisp folded card to send to friends for a St. Patrick’s Day invitation, so mine is much longer than it is wide. I created the fold before I started dipping to ensure I didn’t go over the half-way line as I wanted to write my messages on solid white.

Pour your hot water (not boiling!) into the large bowl. Make sure it’s enough water to dip your cardstock, but not so deep that the water could spill over the edges. 

Slowly mix in about a tablespoon of rit dye per each cup of water. Vary how much dye you use depending on how saturated of color you want. The more dye, the more color!

Tearing the cardstock to my desired size. 

Start by dipping your cardstock in the bowl as far up as you’d like the color to go. Slowly (and gently!) swoosh the cardstock back and forth and start to pull up out of the water. Go about a half-inch then slowly start swooshing again. Continue the swooshing and pulling, holding each layer a bit longer as you go (about 30 seconds/one minute per layer, depending on how deep of a color you want). The swooshing back and forth creates a smooth ombre look. If you’d like harsh lines, hold the cardstock steady as you dye each section. 

Lay your freshly dipped cardstock out on some paper towels to dry… preferably in a sunny spot! Then freshen up your hands and dry off with your clean tea towel. Your hands need to be dye-free before decorating!

Once your cardstock has dried, pull out your Sharpie’s and start decorating. Since I went with a St. Patrick’s Day theme, I went all the way green with my text! Pull out your stamps and decorate your message that way, too. Throw on your initials and create a full stationery set. Or even create the perfect Save the Date for your wedding. I know this DIY will go beyond St. Patrick’s Day in my house!

Get your dye on!
DIY provided by Blank Canvas Graphics
Paper by Neenah
Dye by Rit
Tea Towel by Emily McLaughlin

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