Charleston Fashion Week {Finale}

Our week has passed in Charleston. We sat through over thirty five runway shows that featured known designers, emerging designers, and local boutique fashion. Our last day in Charleston started out early for the Spring Bridal Show and took us into the evening for the finale. All week had been building up to the final night under the tents at Charleston Fashion Week. Five emerging designer semi-finalists would walk along with featured designer Christian Siriano. The drinks were flowing, the fashion was popping and the music was bumping as we took our seats.

Emerging Designer Semi-Finalist Hyemin Cho

Hyemin Cho’s 2013 fall collection consists mainly of H-Line forms that are inspired by Korean architectural elements. She introduces the USA fashionistas to Korean culture giving us an inside look as to where Cho comes from. Hand painted garments kick up this collection making it a winner in our eyes!

Emerging Designer Semi-Finalist Katherine Barron

Katherine Barron’s fall 2013 collection was that of a blank canvas. No distractions. Just subtle beauty to be seen in this all white collection that was inspired by a magnolia blossom that she then hand beaded and painted. Her clean collection with attention to detail was noticed by all at Charleston Fashion Week. You can see Katherine this month at Savannah Fashion Week.

Emerging Designer Semi-Finalist Serena Da Conceicao

Serena Da Conceicao sensual power outfits were a combination of sheer fabrics with leather details. Her hopes for her collection? To allow women to embrace their sexuality. To be able to own your sexuality and enjoy it through your clothing in an unapologetic way. 

Emerging Designer Semi-Finalist Siobhan Murphy

Siobhan Murphy being a daydreamer definitely dreamt up a magical line and completed it on the runway with one exaggerated doll eye and an overabundance of tutu’s bring to life dress up time for adults. This collection was Downton Abbey meets Tim Burton creating just the right of playful, sex, whimsey type of collection fit for any fashionable female!

People’s Choice Winner & Emerging Designer Winner Afriyie Poku

Self taught fashion designer Afriyie Poku nailed this show in every aspect. From his music, to his designs, to the his choice in models. Poku’s designs replicated menswear from the 18th and 19th centuries bringing true style back for men. Ghana born, Afriyie has been in the United States now for twelve years and brought an insane amount of style and dedication with him. His collection was shown intensely as his male models walked the runway with stone cold stares as Skyfall blasted from speakers. Slowly and with purpose they walked, making sure that we all saw the craftsmanship and detail of each garment. As a model took a knee at the end of the runway time stopped. All that existed were screams of excitement from adoring fans of fashion. 

Featured Designer Christian Siriano

Looking to the American Ballet, Christian Siriano pulled out layered tulle and feminine fantasy to his Spring 2013 collection. This Project Runway star’s eye for tailoring and beauty was seen by all in attendance. It was a romantic collection that would be best suited for the younger woman interested in fashion. Interested in owning a Christian Siriano piece? You can find his work at Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.

Charleston Fashion Week ended with Afriye Poku winning People’s Choice Award and will be brought back to Charleston in 2014 for Fashion Week as a Featured Designer. It will be a delight to see how he spends this year and we look forward to seeing his infectious smile, humble personality and of course his collection next year. Job well done, Afriyie!

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