Flashback Friday! Savannah, have you met…

You were born in Baltimore, raised in Africa before finally settling in Savannah. How has moving around influenced your music?
My music lacks a regional sound to it because of my travel habits as a kid. Even though I’ve been in Savannah as long as I have, you still wouldn’t be able to really identify what part of the country I’m from based off the music alone. I pretty much take that approach to it, i represent myself and not any particular neighborhood.
As a child, what did you dream of becoming as an adult?
From the age of 9 until 17 I had every intention of drawing/writing comic books for a living. It was all I ever wanted to do until I started rapping my last year of high school. I’ve been living with that inner conflict of what I like doing more ever since.
Do you get nervous before performances?
I never get nervous about performing. It just don’t happen to me. I imagine that perhaps it did when I first started, but that was so long ago that at this point it’s 10 years of repeat action, muscle-memory when I get on stage. I just flip a switch a few minutes before I go on and I’m just “Knife” and completely in the zone.
If you could collaborate with any musician, who would it be?
My rhymes over an albums worth of Trent Reznor produced hip hop beats would be a thing of beauty.
What is one thing in the music industry that you wish you didn’t have to deal with?
I have to say networking. I like for the contact and connections I have with people to be real and organic, so in this day and age of “maximum exposure” networking is an annoying task for someone with lacking social skills like myself.
What is your biggest challenge being a musician in Savannah?
I imagine there’s a ton of challenges for a savannah musicians but I can only look through the lens of a rapper. As a rapper, I’m only considered a musician if you really take hip hop seriously as an art form… lets just say that Savannah hasn’t necessarily caught that train yet.
Name a few of your favorite hangouts.
Hip Hop night at the Jinx on tuesday is always dope. I get my gear from Elev8ed on Broughton and you can catch me over at The Sparetime and HangFire Bar when I feel like drinking.
What is a guilty pleasure of yours?
Being polite. I’ve had people telling me how “awesome” I am at drawing and rapping my entire life, so I’ve had plenty of time to self-indulge and be a scumbag. These days though, I take pleasure out of holding a door open, showing a tourist directions and saying “ma’am” and “sir” at the end of sentences.
Where do you see yourself in ten years?
I don’t like looking into the future like that. All I hope is that when I’m done with everything, whatever that may mean… people recognize me as one of the best that ever did it. Period. That recognition can mean industry success, underground success or even musical obscurity but the work that you put out will last for as long as people are able to hear it. So when they hear mine, I want them thinking “knife is dope”. That happens, I’ll die happy.
What do you like and dislike about living in Savannah?
Love the weather. Love the women. Dislike the number of cops. I mean, we gotta be safe and all but I’ve lived in third world dictatorships and it wasn’t as big a police-state as savannah can seem sometimes. Especially for it’s size.

To see more of Knife: Facebook , YouTube and Tumblr.


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