Flashback Friday! DIY {Dressed Up Pumpkins}

The Pumpka Dot
spray paint (two colors)
circle office labels
masking tape

We wanted to keep our pumpkin’s stem natural, so we taped it off with a bit of masking tape. 

After it’s all taped up, on a covered surface spray paint your pumpkin with the color you want your polka dots to be. For clean and crisp dots, wait 24 hours before this next step. 
However, we went for a rustic and distressed look, so we proceeded after the base coat dried (after about and hour).

After your pumpkin’s base is dry, sporadically stick the circle office labels around the pumpkin. You can use any pattern, make a face, or just dot randomly like we did.

Once you’ve reached your desired look, spray paint the entire pumpkin with your second color. When dry, slowly peel up your dots to reveal your masterpiece!

The Dressed Up Pumpkin
fabric (quarter to half yard, depending on your pumpkin size)
paint brush
measuring tape

We started this pumpkin by heading over to Fabrika FIne Fabrics to pick out the perfect print. For ease of the craft, a cotton fabric works best. 

Depending on the size of your pumpkin, we tore the fabric into 2 inch strips, then cut those strips in half. If you have a taller/shorter pumpkin, you may need to vary the length of your strips. Ours hit just at the base.
Take the paintbrush and paint a thin layer of Mod-Podge on your pumpkin, then place a strip of fabric on top. 
Slowly paint more Mod-Podge over the strip of fabric until it is fully coated. Repeat over the entire pumpkin until is is covered with fabric and Mod-Podge. 

We overlapped our vertical stripes of fabric to ensure no pumpkin slipped through. Once your pumpkin is covered to taste, set aside for the Mod-Podge to dry. Ours took about 30 minutes for the fabric to dry in the sun and then it was ready to be displayed!

The Sparkling Pumple Drumkin
pumple drumkin (any pumpkin beer of your choice)
martinelli’s sparkling cider
apple to garnish
Fill your glass as full as you like with your favorite pumpkin brew. Lindsay Williams isn’t such a huge fan of the pumpkin so I filled her glass about half full and mine about 3/4 full of pumple drumkin.
Fill the remainer of you mug with ice cold Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider.

Sprinkle cinnamon on top of your pumpkin concoction and garnish with an apple! The pumpkin and fall spices mixed with the sparkling apple cider will have guests asking for more!

3 thoughts on “Flashback Friday! DIY {Dressed Up Pumpkins}”

  1. I always buy all of our “adult” beverages from local companies. So if you are in Savannah I would try Johnny Ganems or Habersham Beverage. With it being pumpkin beer I do believe it is more seasonal, but maybe I am wrong. It was really tasty and you can go with ANY pumpkin beer but I am a sucker for a cute label. Let me know when you make it. I would love to know you what you think!

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