Flashback Friday! The Experience (Jim Goodlett)

28 years after salivating over the vile, barely streetable Porsche 930 Turbo,
 and by per chance, now having found THE one of my troubled youth…
28 further days after hunting, then snaring a rather disgustingly quick, 
era correct, Porsche RSR vintage race car…
.28 seconds after leaving the pit out upon Roebling Road race track, having mashed foot 
to floorboards causing eyeballs to roll into back of head like a slot machine whilst
 grappling with fear and steering wheel simultaneously in the aforementioned RSR flogger…
I am in love for the very first time…again…
                                                                                                                       -Jim Goodlett 

*Jim Goodlett is a Board Member and Vice-Chair at Savannah Science Seminar

One thought on “Flashback Friday! The Experience (Jim Goodlett)”

  1. I can say without equivocation but with cap in hand Cedric, that I am completely humbled by your generosity if not acumen in pointing lens and capturing story in your imagery of an activity that a young lad, in his troubled youth, could have only dreamt of doing some day…

    Simply brilliant photography, framed against a site that showcases all the beauty that our surrounding region has to offer…

    Many MANY thanks! Look forward to having you out there again soon!


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