Friday Flashback! All WRAPPED up!

Wrap it up with Blank Canvas Graphics
roll of kraft paper
double-sided tape
trimmings of your choice

Cut a piece of kraft paper to fit your gift box to be wrapped.

Using double-sided tape, carefully wrap the box aligning your top seam with the side of your box to create a cleaner look. 

Crease the ends and tuck them up against the end sides of the box. Again, use double-sided tape on the inside to secure the ends.

Embellish your package with ribbons, twine, and fabric scraps!

Using alphabet stamps, create a label for your recipient. Stamp directly onto kraft paper of any tag that complement your package!

For a more creative approach, stamp out a pattern on your kraft paper before wrapping.

Tailor your stamping for the individual receiving the gift and the trimmings you use. Whether it’s a princess crown, race car, or even stamping circles with the end of a pencil eraser. 

Again, remember to embellish your gift. Pick complementary colors for the main look, then add a punch of color with extra trimmings you may have lying around. Here we used a pinecone and a bright ribbon! Get creative!

For this package Lindsay used a metallic Sharpie on a small paper doily.

Tie it all up and present your beautiful and thoughtful packages to your loved ones. 
Note from YWS: If you are in need of some handmade, one of a kind recommendations for holiday gifts, please take a moment, and browse through Lindsay’s ETSY shop!

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